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Details and Price Listing

  • Organization of medical services for foreigners needing visa, diagnostic work-up, referrals to the best specialists in Berlin as well as language translation and transport.  For international patients seeking health and medical consultation in Berlin, we     organize everything necessary for your stay – from facilitation of invitation requires for visa purposes to referrals to required medical specialists for consultation to appropriate medical centers.   

  • We offer logistic management and transportation services - airport pick-up and point- to-point-transfer (hotel transport, transport to medical specialist and/or to medical and diagnostic centers) - with a positive attitude, a commitment to excellence and a quality guarantee, all while keeping your transportation budget in mind.

  • Language translator is available when requested.



            Invitation for Visa                                                                50 Euro


            Transport services

            Airport transfer (2-way), pick-up and return)                          75 Euro           

            Per drive around Berlin                                                          30-35 Euro



            Per hour service                                                                     25-30 Euro


            Organization of referral to medical specialists

            Per consultation/specialist                                                      200 Euro



  • Editing Service

  English Language Editing


         Go an extra mile for you to produce a manuscript of publication quality


         Many authors have been expressing concerns when they write scientific papers:

                        How do I write English that is professional and easy to read?

                        How do I create figures that are readable and appealing? 


There are various editing, translation and illustration services already in the industry. The SciMed Pro Berlin Editing Service emerged intending to connect authors with accomplished experts. We strive to deliver flawless services, and to go the extra mile for authors, producing academic papers of publication quality.



Have your manuscript polished by an expert in your field to ensure it is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other common mistakes.


Submit Manuscript/Article/Paper for editing



  • Translation

Translate your Russian or Chinese manuscript so it is ready for publication in professional-level English for the international market. 


Submit Manuscript/Article/Paper for translation



  • Figures

Reproduce and generate your figures to the highest possible standards, confirming to the chosen journal's specifications.


            Submit Figures/Graphics for creation/reconstruction 


  • Organization of scientific and medical events

By arrangement – type of event, location, size of room, number of seats required, technical support, flyers, posters, press/news release, etc.

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