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The SciMedPro assists students, researchers, scientists and medical professionals in developing high-quality scientific content by means of extensive research, guidance in
scientific writing, editing, and fact checking, to meet deadlines and work within the objectives and scope.


Scientific writing competency (for technical and medical writing support)

a. Writing and/or editorial review (for accuracy/clarity) of core clinical study

documentation for submission to regulatory agencies, for distribution to investigational centers, or intra-company use, including: Study protocols, Investigator brochures, risk/benefit and integrated summaries from raw
data and compiling, analyzing and summarizing data for comprehensive study reports

b. Writing summaries and maintaining files on informative scientific journal

articles and other media on applicable product areas/therapies, health care needs, etc. according to current or projected future needs

c. Analyzing clinical evidence of all kinds (e.g., public, proprietary, published,

unpublished) from all sources (e.g., journals, internal documents, regulatory submissions) to assess project proposals and strategies.

d. Provision of support in interpretation and analysis of clinical and non-clinical

data pertinent to scientific communications projects (e.g., literature reviews, abstracts, posters, presentations, manuscripts, clinical evaluation reports, and clinical study reports)

e. Editorial development and preparation of manuscripts in scientific format

f. Support in comprehensive, systematic searches of published medical literature


Assistance in preparing tables, charts, figures, and other visual display elements for presenting clinical data in conferences


Support in publication of high-quality articles featuring results of clinical and experimental research and other forms of clinical evidence (case reports, clinical trials) in medical journals


Management of all aspects of publication and medical education agencies in support of scientific communications and scientific peer-reviewed journal submission


Support in fulfillment of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) requirements for authorship for scientific communications projects, when appropriate.


Support in preparation of abstracts and/or scientific exhibits, posters and verbal presentations of accepted abstracts at key professional society meetings


Guidance in decisions on external registration and results posting based on internal legislation and other external requirements (e.g., ICMJE requirements, WHO guidelines, 
and Declaration of Helsinki guidelines) and performing registration posting in public databases (e.g., clinical trials), as applicable.


Proofreading and copyediting skills


Advancement of oral and written communication skills


Assistance concerning effective visual and written communication


Scientific project management


Organization and management of scientific and medical events and related activities

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